The Golden Girl of Heals

A Documentary Film

Haptic & Hue and Gray M.C.A have collaborated to make a documentary film about the visionary textile designer Barbara Brown in celebration of her 90th birthday.

Barbara Brown was one of the most renowned textile designers of the mid 20th century. Her strongly geometric work was the very essence of 60s art and style. In celebration of her 90th birthday Haptic & Hue and Gray M.C.A have produced the first documentary about this leading twentieth century designer. In it, Barbara talks about her life, the influences that led her to become a textile designer and the ideas she wanted to express. At the Royal College of Art in the 1950s she sold her first design from her final degree show to the celebrated Heals’ buyer Tom Worthington. Her work, which drew on ideas from Op Art, opened the eyes of buyers worldwide to innovative modern British textile design, earning her the title ‘The Golden Girl of Heals’.

About the film

  • A full colour documentary film presented by Jo Andrews
  • The film is 35 minutes
  • Interviewees: Barbara Brown, Dame Zandra Rhodes, Founder of The Fashion & Textile Museum, London, Ashley Gray, Gallery Director Gray M.C.A