Gray M.C.A is the leading international art gallery in the specialist art field of original fashion illustration focusing on the original artworks by the 20th century masters and a small select field of contemporary masters.

When fashion is observed through the eyes of a master there is an unbreakable thread that transcends period, trend and style. Whether illustrating a ready-to-wear collection from the runways of New York, Milan or London, haute couture by the revered designers of Paris or a look for a prestigious advertising campaign – masters of fashion illustration communicate in an artistic language that is unparalleled in its draftsmanship and one that guarantees to captivate with élan.

With a particular focus on the artists from the golden age of fashion illustration, Gray M.C.A looks to uncover the artworks by the grand masters of fashion illustration including Carl Erickson (1891 – 1958) who initiated a new approach to documenting fashion in the early 1920s and who, by the 1930s and 40s, was the most sought-after illustrator of all. Pierre Mourgue (1890 – 1969) invited by Condé Nast to take French illustrative elegance to America for the first time and who drew with undeniable Parisian flair, René Bouché (1905 – 1963) whose evocative style perfectly captured fashion and society, René Gruau (1909 – 2004) whose divine line was celebrated particularly through his long association with the House of Dior and the great Antonio (1942 – 1987) who captured the vibrance of the New York fashion scene in a daring new style.

Gray M.C.A represents the artist archives of Kenneth Paul Block (1924 – 2009), Robert Melendez (1944 – ), Robert Passantino (1945 – ) and Steven Stipelman (1944 – ) – all outstandingly talented fashion artists who worked predominantly for WWD and W Magazine and the work of Gladys Perint Palmer (1947 – ) who dominated the fashion pages internationally from the 1980s to the 2000’s.

Amongst the small select stable of contemporary masters Gray M.C.A works with the British master David Downton (1959 – ) who unreservedly carries the golden age of fashion illustration into the 21st century with a sophisticated sweeping style that ensures he is the natural successor to the original 20th century grand masters. Contemporary Italian fashion and lifestyle artist Andrea Ferolla (1961 – ) whose the strength of line is evident in his enchanting works, creative phenomenon Ali Mahdavi (1974 – ) who draws with a powerful arresting assurance, and the evocative, atmospheric work of Bil Donovan (1953 – ) Artist-in-Residence for Dior, and Jason Brooks (1969 – ) who communicates remarkable imagery for leading international brands.

Gray M.C.A curates the internationally acclaimed exhibition Drawing on Style in London during London Fashion Week each September. The exhibition is a key art event in the Fine Art and fashion calendar highlighting the most influential and important fashion illustrators of this highly evocative and important art genre. A series of exhibition talks and masterclass programmes are held during the Drawing on Style exhibitions to further advance the reputation of fashion illustration. Gray M.C.A also exhibits bi-annually in New York at exhibitions including Master Drawings New York.

Fashion Illustration


Modern Artist Textiles are a vital creative pillar in the story of Modern and Contemporary Art and a key element of the wider works of the great modern masters of the 20th century.

Gray M.C.A sources the rarest and most important examples of Modern Artist Textiles designed by the modern masters working at the forefront of the art world in post war Europe; including Ben Nicholson (1894 – 1982), Henry Moore (1898 – 1986), Pablo Picasso (1881 – 1973), John Piper (1903 – 1992), Elisabeth Frink (1930 – 1993), Keith Vaughan (1912 – 1977) and William Scott (1913 – 1989). With particular emphasis on the original textiles from the Ascher Studio and Alistair Morton’s Edinburgh Weavers, David Whitehead Ltd, Liberty, Heal Fabrics and Sanderson & Sons Ltd. Alongside Modern Artist Textiles, Gray M.C.A also specialises in modern textiles from the USA including Bloomcraft and Fuller Fabrics, the WPA work under President Roosevelt’s ‘New Deal’ along with rare textiles from Vienna’s Wiener Werkstätte.

Styled by Design, an exhibition celebrating the textile works of the Modern masters of the 20th century and those following in their tradition is held regularly in London and Bath. Gray M.C.A has been invited to collaborate with leading galleries including New Art Centre and Messums Wiltshire.

Modern Textiles


Gray M.C.A focuses on unique sculpture and design from the mid 20th Century to the modern day. From original textile designs for couture to pattern papers and rare wallpaper designs for Curwen Press and drawings from the Wiener Werkstätte, Gray M.C.A celebrates the best of modern design.



Gray M.C.A Bath is located at 5 Margaret’s Buildings, Bath, BA1 2LP. Exhibitions are held throughout the year and the internationally acclaimed shows Drawing on Style and Styled by Design that open in either London or New York then transfer to Gray M.C.A Bath.

Gray M.C.A also exhibits at select international art fairs in London, New York and Palm Beach. Please see the exhibition page for further details.

Gray M.C.A is an exhibiting member of the exclusive Cromwell Place.


A dedicated Lecture Programme is available offering a unique insight into the history of Fashion Illustration & Artist Textiles.

Fashion Illustration Lecture Titles Include:

  • Post War Fashion Illustration – A Genre Rediscovered
  • The Masters of Fashion Illustration – Yesterday & Today
  • Drawing on Style
  • The Beauty of Fashion Interpretation
  • The Art of Dior

Curated by Connie Gray

“Connie Gray Fashion Curator at Gray M.C.A. is recognised as the leading specialist on fashion illustration; leading the way in bringing the beauty of this art form into the light. Gray M.C.A’s annual exhibition ‘Drawing on Style’ is acclaimed as a triumph by the international press. Connie’s lecture ‘Post War Fashion Illustration – A Genre Rediscovered’ vividly introduced us to the giants of the period who influenced a generation through the pages of Vogue and Harpers Bazaar and revealed why these elegant works are a vital addition to any serious collection of art”.
Liz Gee, The Lecture Club, London

Artist Textiles – Lecture Titles Include:

  • Modern British Painters of the 20th Century & Their Influence on Contemporary Art
  • Post War Textile Visionaries of Modern Art
  • Artists Textiles Today
  • Modern & Contemporary Art – What Does It All Mean?

Curated by Ashley Gray

“Ashley Gray of Gray MCA’s 2016 BADA Lecture “The Post War Textile Visionaries of Modern Art” was a tour de force! It was the most anticipated and best attended lecture. His vivid depiction of the importance of the 1950’s & 60’s commissions from Edinburgh Weavers and Ascher from the giants of Modernism was a revelation. No wonder collectors world wide are hunting down these rare and stunning gems of the era.”
Marco Forgione, Chief Executive, BADA

Vetting, Judging & Advisory Roles:

Gray M.C.A is regularly represented on Vetting Committees and Judging panels.
Gray M.C.A sits on the Advisory Board of the Frances Neady Collection at FIT, New York and The Documenting Fashion Research Forum at The Courtuald Institute of Art.

For enquires regarding lecture bookings please email gallery@graymca.com