Modern Artist Textiles

18th – 30th April 2023
Cromwell Place London SW7 2JE

Styled by Design’ – an outstanding exhibition of framed 20th Century Modernist Textiles, bringing together a collection of rare and limited edition works by renowned artists Pablo Picasso, Alexander Calder, Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth, Elizabeth Frink, Patrick Heron and more. The exhibition celebrates the Modernist view that ‘a good textile was the equal of a good painting’.


From the mid-20th Century, the leading giants of modern art worked with influential textile manufacturers to produce exclusive and limited edition textiles with the aim of transporting Contemporary art into the home as never before. Ascher Ltd and Edinburgh Weavers led Post War Britain into a world of colour and vitality by bringing modernism into the home and on to the street.  Textile powerhouses Arthur Sanderson and David Whitehead swiftly followed, capturing the public and media’s attention in an innovative, multi-disciplinary fashion, leaving a legacy that holds vast significance to the fine art and textile industries to this day.


Diverse fabrics such as silk, rayon, wool, linen and cotton provided a new medium for Modern artists, allowing them to experiment with creating vivid textures and colours that brought both new life and a new audience to their work.


The historically significant exhibition will celebrate Modern Artist Textiles as a vital creative pillar in the story of Modern and Contemporary Art and examines significant textiles designed by the great modern masters of the 20th Century.
Alan Reynolds, Crystalline Image2023-02-01T06:36:01+00:00
Pablo Picasso, Toros y Toteros2023-01-24T17:47:39+00:00
Pablo Picasso, Carnet II2023-01-24T17:40:09+00:00
Pablo Picasso, Frontispiece2023-01-24T16:57:16+00:00
John Piper, Blenheim Gate2023-01-24T16:52:11+00:00
John Piper, Church Monument2023-02-01T06:22:38+00:00
John Pipe, Foliate Head2023-01-24T16:29:51+00:00
Henry Moore, Triangles2023-02-01T06:00:43+00:00