René Bouët Willaumez

1900 – 1979

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Count René Bouët-Willaumez initially studied engineering at L’École Centrale, Paris before transferring to fashion illustration following the encouragement of French Vogue editor Main Bocher. From 1929 through until the 1950s, Willaumez’s sharp, incisive unhesitating line guaranteed him enormous success working with both Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. He was to become one of the most sought after and respected illustrators of his generation and was part of the trio of masters – Carl Erickson, René Bouché and himself who dominated the fashion pages and front covers with their unrivalled talent for documenting haute couture with unquestionable style. Willaumez’s last commission featured in American Vogue in 1953. He was married a number of times to well-known society figures and was considered whether in London, Paris or New York to be the quintessentially cultured gentleman with an exquisite sense of dignified grace that flowed through avenue of his life.