Jason Brooks

1969 –

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Jason Brooks is an award-winning fashion and lifestyle illustrator who leads the way as a master of bold and impactful contemporary imagery. Since graduating from The Royal College of Art, London in the 1980s, he has gained an international reputation for his outstanding visuals and is credited as being one of the first to bring computer technology into the field of fashion and illustrative art. Whether working in pen and ink or via a digital platform, his work is rooted in classic fine art drawing that captures the imagination and communicates a look with assurance and grace. The glamorous and aspirational world that Brooks presents in his work has attracted high profile collaborations with a wide range of luxury and lifestyle brands, most recently for Super Yacht Monaco. Other collaborations have included Lancôme, Revlon, Mercedes Benz, Chanel, Tiffany & Co, Virgin Atlantic, Veuve Clicquot and Ritz Hotels. Travel, alongside fashion is a recurrent theme in his work. He is the author of a series of illustrated travel sketchbooks focusing on Paris, London and New York. New York Sketchbook and London Sketchbook were both finalists in The Victoria & Alberts Museum’s Book Illustration Awards, London Sketchbook winning the prestigious award in 2016. The museum holds an impressive collection of Brooks’ works in its permanent prints and drawings archive. His work has been selected to feature in a number of books including 100 Years of Fashion Illustration (Laurence King), Fashion Illustration Now (Thames & Hudson), Stylishly Drawn (Harry Abrams Inc.) and on the front cover of New Icons of Fashion Illustration (Laurence King).