The Art of Elegance
Bil Donovan

13th – 18th September 2022, Cromwell Place London SW7 2JE

20 September – 29 October 2022, Gray M.C.A Bath BA1 2LP

The Art of Elegance is a celebration of contemporary fashion illustration at its finest as seen through the dazzling brushstrokes of celebrated American fashion artist Bil Donovan. The exhibition honours the beauty and elegance of a master of fashion illustrator. An artist whose influence reaches far beyond the normal realms of fashion documentation and who is a legend in his field, acknowledged internationally as the most elegant and captivating fashion illustrator of a generation.

Bil Donovan, Yves Saint Laurent for Christian Dior II2022-09-26T07:43:24+00:00
Bil Donovan, Yves Saint Laurent for Christian Dior I2022-09-26T07:44:20+00:00
Bil Donovan, Victor & Rolf Haute Couture2022-09-26T07:45:34+00:00
Bil Donovan, Schiaparelli Fall Haute Couture2022-09-26T07:46:25+00:00
Bil Donovan, Rahul Mishra Spring Haute Couture Paris2022-09-26T07:47:09+00:00
Bil Donovan, Rabih Kayrouz Spring Haute Couture2022-09-26T07:47:49+00:00
Bil Donovan, Notre Dame Paris2022-09-26T07:53:45+00:00
Bil Donovan, New York Twilight2022-09-26T07:54:28+00:00
Bil Donovan, New York Head of Fashion2022-09-26T07:55:08+00:00
Bil Donovan, Golden Runway2022-09-26T07:56:27+00:00